· construction management according to Lph 6-8 according to HOAI for the extension of a workshop extension and structural planning of the roof covering with sandwich panels in Stuttgart-Wangen dp-engineering (2023-2024)

· structural consulting for an advertising company from Böblingen-Gärtringen for the installation of advertising/display boards – dp-engineering (2023)

· sales coordination of a property with language support at the notary for an Italian company from Italy – dp-engineering (2019)

· alteration of an industrial build with depots and an hotel with which statical are subject to mandatory testing in Weinstadt-Endersbach – dp-engineering (2018-2019)

· statical inspection and suggested solution for the sanitation of a structural damage on the METRO building in Baden-Baden – dp-engineering (2018)

· new build of an industrial build with a depot in timber construction and office and janitor flat in conventional massive construction as a new headquarter for the company Iannone Bauunternehmung in Pf- Huchenfeld – dp-engineering (2016)

· new build of an industrial build with a garage hall built in ferroconcrete construction as a new company headquarter for the company Fa. Oberle Elektrotechnik GmbH in Pf- Huchenfeld – dp-engineering (2016)

· statical dimensioning and pre-dimensioning for a study to build a new supermarket with adjacent high rack warehouse including a indicative cost report in Schönaich – dp-engineering (2015)

· creation of an expert valuation report by order of a company for its company area to show it the administrative district office Rems-Murr-Kreis in Bittenfeld dp-engineering (2015)

· statical pre-dimensioning and quantity measurement of a new build for the expansion of the car dealer Braun in Leonberg
– dp-engineering (2014)

· final inspection and statical construction management on site for the engineering office Dr. Schermer GmbH of its project: “new build of a town house in the Kirchgärten” in Kernen-Rommelshausen
builder: city of Kernen i. R. – dp-engineering (2013)

· dimensioning of an outdoor emergency staircase for an office and depot (steel construction) – dp-engineering (2012)

· Atzwanger AG – new build of administration and production (Bolzano)
Project at Kauer Ingenieure GmbH (2011)

· Salewa Headquarter – creation of the international headquarters of Salewa (Bolzano)
Project at Kauer Ingenieure GmbH (2010)

· Rieper Palettenlager – creation of a pallets depot in Vintl (Bolzano)
Project at Kauer Ingenieure GmbH (2010)

· Lorenz Pan KG – expansion of the production hall (Bolzano)
Project at Kauer Ingenieure GmbH (2010)

· Happacherhof Auer – creation of a stable building for the agricultural high school in Auer (Bolzano)
Project at Kauer Ingenieure GmbH (2009)

· Höller Anton – creation of a roofing – commercial zone “Nord” in Afing in Jenesien (Bolzano)
Project at Kauer Ingenieure GmbH (2009)

· Finstral AG – east wing expansion of the administrative building in Ritten-Unterinn (Bolzano)
Project at Kauer Ingenieure GmbH (2008)