· submission of a change of use request from a retail space to a production facility of a confectionery with the assembly of a confectionery and an ice cream parlour in Filderstadt-Bernhausen – dp-engineering (2021)

· planning of a canopy or a winter garden for the terrace of a restaurant in Herrenberg-Center – dp-engineering (2021)

· construction consulting for the creation of a new ice cream parlour in a shell condition building in Stuttgart-Center – dp-engineering (2021)

• participated in a competition of the city of Stuttgart for the planning of a new catering trade object at the Höhenpark Stuttgart-Killesberg
planning of the architecture in combination with the static concept and the making out of construction costs – dp-engineering (2018)

• planning of a catering trade terrace of a restaurant with submission for the change of use and coordination of the realization in Herrenberg – dp-engineering (2018-2019)